In Search of Succession

Wisdom is not easy to come by. Fundamentally self-negating, it is an enigmatic phenomenon, towards whose qualities we all aspire. 

George Ziermann is an indescribably wise man, and he would like to sell you his business. 

George’s story is riddled with innumerable chapters, having had lives in logging, trapping, gunsmithing, machining, mining, cabinet making and shoe making, to list a few. He is a character, the likes of which are rarely bred these days. 

A jack of many trades, George has a proclivity towards excellence, which is expressed irrespective of the subject of his labor.

For the last 40 years, he has been making custom-measured*, hand-made shoes, which are, certifiably - according to George and I and everyone who has ever owned a pair of his shoes - the best on the market. 

I met George at the Small Farmers Journal Auction two years ago. I purchased a pair of his shoes, and, upon learning his story, decided I’d like to help him find a buyer for his business. Thus, the above film. 

George has been trying to sell his business for the last 8 years. He has had no dearth of interest, but has never had a party that could stand up to his integrity and expectations for a successor. He is looking for someone who is interested in making excellent shoes. One who is interested investing themselves in the trade of custom shoe making and will respect the history thereof. 

George is of an age and disposition whereby his knowledge and experience ought be revered. He is unfortunately exemplary of a dark temporal reality we now face. He and many of his contemporaries are retiring, closing their businesses, and dying without passing on their knowledge. If this trend persists, as the evidence suggests, we will enter a perrenially barren state of monoculture. This is unacceptable.

The reasons for this State is everyone’s fault and no one’s. It is a beast of shadowrobotmonsterian proportion. In spite of these dark times, we look ahead, hold our posture well and focus on solutions. Which, in this case, means that it is my responsibility, as well as yours and your partner’s uncles stepnephew’s, to help George find a successor. For if George’s Boots remains, there is a chance we will have a place to buy quality shoes in the future. 

If you are interested in purchasing George’s Boots, know someone who might be, or would like more information about the deal, please contact him. 

George’s Boots


427 S Main St.

Pendleton, OR 97801

If you have an interest in facilitating the prosperity of a wise old man and a deeply skillful craft, please share George’s story video far and wide, and may we all benefit from your help.






*Custom measured differs significantly than custom made shoes, like those which Wesco or White’s Boots offer. Custom measured shoes are made on a customized last, built up from a stock last to be the exact shape of your foot. Custom measured shoes are made on a stock last that is the closest size to your foot.